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My name is Simone. I'm a 21 year old college student.

This blog is about me reflecting on my hair, what i use for my hair and my new found obsession with my natural texture.

quick hair update

so lately ive been using bentonite clay (mixed with water, avc and olive oil) twice a month and love it!!! for the most part my cleaning tool of choice was shea moisture (pink label) shampoo or a cowash from shea moisture of curlz. for a conditioner im using whatever i have available. i have found that my go to products for bantu knots, twist outs are Oyin hair dew as a leave in and oyin whipped pudding.I do love qhemet’s cocoa dentangling ghee and the aethiopika hydrate & twist butter when i’m feeling really fancy. im running low on the butter so i will be using that sparingly.

i have been doing the loc method where after washing/cowashing i let my hair dry about 20% apply the hair dew, whipped butter then my oil mixture. my oil mixture is coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin e, emu oil and some essential oils. i made this mixture a long time ago and can’t remember which essential oils i used. then i twist up my hair. i’m currently doing bigger twists because its easier to maintain for when i want to do a bigger twist out. plus i don’t have time for smaller twists ha.

hair product wise i’m trying to only buy from black owned companies, that are affordable, natural or few harsh chemicals and easily accessible. i’m fortunate that I have access to a target that sells oyin. but for black friday i treated myself to a liter of hair dew so i won’t be needing much of that. i’ve also been dabbling with the idea of making my own products, particularly styling products. we shall see ha.

Anonymous asked: I'm only 18 and already the hair on the crown of my head is thinning what should I do

Sorry for the delay in response. I too have what I would describe as weak edges. I would suggest styles that dont pull too much. I would also look at your diet and make sure you are getting the right vitamins. A multivitamin could help in that department. I used to take fish oil pills just for my over all health but I’m bad at keeping up with things like that. I will say drinking enough water is important. I also like to do vigirous workouts  to get the blood flowing in that area. Something else i do is rub a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin e and almond oil on my temples.

Above all i think working out and drinking water has really helped me. i would try doing one of each of the things i suggested and see what works for you. hope that helps :)

Anonymous asked: I follow you on twitter. whats your personal blog, I want to hear racism story

if you come off anon i will share some of the story.

Anonymous asked: Hi I was wondering what you used to curl your Marley Twists. They look really pretty :)

hello thank you for this message sorry for the late response. i use this brand called vanessa. I dont actually use anything to make it curl. i think that come from when i fluff or separate the strands before putting them on my hair. it could also be how i twist mine. they arent twisted tightly as i dont like them to pull too much on my hair. i hope that helps!

so im the worst blogger ha. i have been very busy this past year working hard in school and working a lot to save up for a study abroad program. im actually here in the country, Brazil for 4 weeks.  If you are wondering what I’m doing with my hair while here, I have settled on Marley twists for now. Its very hot and humid which is making my hair feel constantly moist without products.  prior to putting in the twists i deep conditioned with a shea moisture product, then moisturized my hair with coconut oil, the oyin hair dew and qhemet cocoa detangling ghee.put the hair in and kept it pushing. i actually used old marley hair because i was trying to save money since you can reuse the hair. im not sure how long i will keep these in since my hair really loves humidity even if my skin hate it ha. for hair products i brought with me: since i was only going to be gone for a month i brought an oyin travel pack of their products. my hair isnt too long so i dont need much. i meant to bring my aloe gel for the sun since i do sunburn if exposed for too long. i have been to the ocean but only up to my waist so no ocean water has been in my hair yet.

ciao ciao.

why did i get through half a bottle of kinky curly knot today to finally learn how to use it with my hair? this stuff is heavenly. i washed my hair with shea moisture curl shampoo (coral/ pink label) followed up with aubrey organics GBP. i left that on my hair for 15 minutes under a plastic bag for a deep conditioning.rinsed. used a tee shirt to dry. then applied coconut oil to my hair. followed by knot today. my hair is still really soft and im loving it. i may have found a new power combo.

these pics just show the color difference from when i used shea moisture hair color a while a go. i think i mentioned that i cut my hair mothers day. i will not be cutting my hair again for a while since i want to grow it out and maybe loc it! im still on the fence about that but we shall see.

whats a broke college kid to do? i ran out of my favorite leave-in moisturizer Oyin Hair Dew a while ago and im trying to make the most of the other hair stuff i have. but nothing works as well as the combo of the Hair Dew and Qhemet Cocoa Detangling Ghee.currently on the search for something that doesn’t require shipping and waiting.

Maybe I'm crazy...: #CHANGEBRAZIL Masterpost: Understanding the cause


I sure hope you are seeing a bunch of stuff about Brazil, either on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or TV. But I need you to understand what is going on. What’s truly going on around here. So I prepared this masterpost, a list of links that should explain this to you!

Some background:

What triggered the people:

Where the protest begins

  • First protest in Porto Alegre in March 2013, when protesters convinced the local city hall to reduce the fare price.
  • In Goiania, 16 May also before the prices were officially changed, where two buses were incinerated and two buses were stoned, but leaving no victims on behalf of the protesters.
  • There was another protest in Goiania, on 6 June, where the fares were brought back to their previous price by judge Fernando de Mello Xavier.
  • An then finally, São Paulo.
  • I say finally because the São Paulo protests were everywhere in the news.
  • The city hall announced the raise of the tickets prices from R$3,00 to R$3,20, starting on 2 June. It’s one of the most expensive bus tickets in the country.
  • Not just the bus tickets, but healthcare, economy and education are being left aside in order to steal from us and invest as much money as possible in the 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup.
  • 13th June 2013: The day 5 thousand protesters occupied Avenida Paulista, one of the most important avenues in São Paulo. There was a worldwide repercussion to it.
  • There was also a protest on 16 June in Brasília, our capital, right before a Brazil vs Japan football match. “They are building these overpriced stadiums and are not worrying about the situation of their own people.”
  • There was a protest today on Maracanã, one of the stadiums where 2013 Confederations Cup is taking place, a match between Italy and Mexico. And yes, it was violent.
  • In all of these cases, most of Brazil’s media websites (like Veja, one of the most important and influential Brazilian magazines) blamed the protesters, saying the police was violent because they were violent first, saying the protesters deserved what they got, calling them troublemakers (among other names)
  • Even though “innocent people” (non-protesters) were injured by the police, like people passing by and reporters.
  • I won’t link you pictures of the victims specifically, but you can see some hereTW violence TW blood TW bruises.

Examples of the police being violent with protestants (TW violence): 


So please, hear us out! Don’t let the media fool you about what is going on. Support us, we want to change Brazil! I will be updating this post with more information and news! Please reblog, watch this video and support us!

(Source: luthienesque, via ifidontjust)

Found my sister’s hooded dryer so I’m using it. I rinsed out the protein avocado mask with warm water then applied the other half of the mask which is composed of avocado, grape seed oil , olive oil, and honey to deep condition my hair.

Found my sister’s hooded dryer so I’m using it. I rinsed out the protein avocado mask with warm water then applied the other half of the mask which is composed of avocado, grape seed oil , olive oil, and honey to deep condition my hair.

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