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My name is Simone. I'm a 21 year old college student.

This blog is about me reflecting on my hair, what i use for my hair and my new found obsession with my natural texture.

i think i changed my curl pattern! over the past year i have probably applied henna to my hair a little under 10 times ( i never really keep track unless i write it on this blog). i had noticed lately with the last couple of times that after applying the henna my curls started to clump and form like type 3c/4a curls.i applied henna two days ago and thought i wouldn’t be putting in anymore for another month or so (probably the next time i came home for a break). well today i went to go visit my sister and help her with her hair.she has a lot of thick hair that she just doesn’t feel like doing (sorry to put you on blast steph haha). so i applied henna to her hair and there was a little left over. she wanted to apply it to my hair because she had never done that before.i was fine with it because i had read somewhere i think, you get better color results if you apply it a little more frequently. great for me because i really want redder hair but don’t really want apply permanent hair dye if i dont have to. she applied it and it sat in my hair for about 6 hours. i rinsed it out when i got to my house and noticed that my curls felt different, more defined and more ringlet like, kind of like ‘S’. this felt like it was all over my head, not like the parts only in the front. i grabbed my camera and quickly took pictures to see if it changed. it appeared to have changed. i applied some slightly homemade deep conditioner (shea moisture curl smoothie, vatika oil and some sauve shea butter and almond;i couldnt find my shea moisture deep conditioner mask). put on my cap and here i am. since i applied two sessions of henna this is going to sit in my hair all night and i’ll rinse in the morning.i guess i’ll really know for sure if the pattern changed. the above pictures are what seem to be my changed curl pattern.i most certainly will have to resist the urge to henna my hair before spring break. but it smells so good haha.

*the hennas were two different brands. the one i used two days ago was in a bag and had directions for hair. the one my sister had came in box and was mostly in hindi and showed the person using it for their body. i already noticed that parts of my hair were now brownish red, that normally didn’t change from previous henna sessions.

more pictures tomorrow.

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